Dataset: US-Botany
Taxa: Peixotoa
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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United States National Herbarium

14043.2876358Wilkes Explor. Exped.   s.n.1838-00-00
Brazil, Brazil

Peixotoa bahiana C.E. Anderson
3106104.2112190H. S. Irwin   148891966-04-15
Brazil, Bahia, Cerrado, ca. 5 km S of Rio Roda Vehla,ca. 150 km SW of Barreiras, drainage of Rio Corrente, western Bahia., 900 - 900m

Peixotoa barnebyi C.E. Anderson
3081783.2109486W. R. Anderson   86231973-04-11
Brazil, Minas Gerais, 30 km by road SW of Gouveia, at km 60 on road to Curvelo., 1150 - 1150m

Peixotoa magnifica C.E. Anderson
3105105.2087272W. R. Anderson   98311973-05-06
Brazil, Mato Grosso, Ca. 12 km (straight line) ENE of Barra So Garcas, cerrado near Creek., 480 - 480m

Peixotoa psilophylla C.E. Anderson
3081784.2093714H. S. Irwin   168601966-06-10
Brazil, Mato Grosso, 15 km S of Xavantina., 400 - 400m

Peixotoa spinensis C.E. Anderson
3106089.2154648W. R. Anderson   87301973-04-12
Brazil, Minas Gerais, Serro do Espinhaco, 25 km by road NE of Diamantina, ca. 1.5 km from Rio Jequitti., 790 - 900m

USw40191.2784105G. Eiten   2914
Brazil, Minas Gerais

Peixotoa catarinensis C.E. Anderson
2251868.215L. B. Smith & R. Reitz   122761957-03-28
Brazil, Santa Catarina, Florian├│polis, Canavieiras, Ilha de Santa Catarina., 1 - 5m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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