Dataset: US-Botany
Taxa: Notholaena
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United States National Herbarium

1431409.216G. Gardner   23901840-00-00
Brazil, Minas Gerais

Notholaena brackenridgei Baker in Hook. & Baker
50959.21161Wilkes Explor. Exped.   11838-00-00
Peru, San Martín, Mariscal Cáceres, Rio Huallaga, margen Derecha del; Balsa Probana; dtto. Tocache Nuevo

Notholaena cinnamomea Baker in Hook. & Baker
865199.2125O. Salvin & F. Godman   s.n.1862-00-00

Notholaena steyermarkii Vareschi
3297138.21J. A. Steyermark   755341953-05-21
Venezuela, Bolivar, Chimanta Massif, along base of SE facing sandstone bluffs of Chimanta-tepui (Torono-tepui) from S corner northeastward., 5.240938889 -62.11208056, 1700 - 1700m

Notholaena nivea Variety flava Hook.
98719.10058Wilkes Explor. Exped.   s.n.1838-00-00
Peru, Oragha? Peru

761435.2094J. N. Rose   187971914-08-05
Peru, Vicinity of Arequipa, near Tisago

95898.10065Wilkes Explor. Exped.   s.n.1838-00-00
Peru, Peru

Notholaena galapagensis Svenson & Weath.
543040.2121R. E. Snodgrass & E. G. Heller   231899-12-30
Ecuador, Colón, Iguana Cove. [Albermarle Island]

Notholaena buchtienii Rosenst.
1097579.213O. Buchtien   4721906-11-13
Bolivia, La Paz, Sirupaya near Yanacachi., 2100 - 2100m

Notholaena R. Br.
10358848P. M. Peterson, C. R. Annable, S. Laegaard & R. Soreng   126941993-03-06
Bolivia, Oruro, Cercado, 14 mi S of Oruro on Hwy towards Challapata., 3580m

Notholaena nivea var. nivea (Poir.) Desv.
10364697P. M. Peterson, C. R. Annable, S. Laegaard, R. Soreng & F. Rojas-Ponce   128901993-03-14
Bolivia, Potosi, Sud Chichas, 10.5 mi N of San Vicente on road towards Atocha., 3930m

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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