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Taxa: Malvastrum
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Harvard University Herbaria

Malvastrum marrubioides var. paniculatum A. Gray A. Gray
barcode-00052906C. R. Orcutt   1885-07-14
Mexico, Baja California Norte, Ensenada de Todos Santos

Malvastrum tomentosum pautense S. R. Hill
barcode-00052943I. L. Wiggins   107881944-09-24
Ecuador, Azuay, Valley of Rio Paute, ca. 7700 feet

Malvastrum buchtienii Pax
barcode-00052957O. Buchtien   691910-03-00
Bolivia, La Paz, Der Hochebena, 4100 m

Malvastrum obcuneatum E. G. Baker
barcode-00052964G. Mandon   7991899-04-00
Bolivia, La Paz, Near La Paz, via ad Coroico, quisolaca, 5000 m.

Malvastrum shepardae I. M. Johnston
barcode-00058166Mrs. R. S. Shepard   1231919-12-00
Peru, Puno, In meadows near the vicinity of Lake Titicaca, 3125 m.

Malvastrum foliosum S. Watson S. Watson
barcode-00052896C. R. Orcutt   1884-09-00
Mexico, Baja California Norte, Santo Thomas

Malvastrum dimorphum J. T. Howell
barcode-00052940J. T. Howell   92941932-05-13
Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Indefatigable [Santa Cruz] Island, Academy Bay

Malvastrum mandonianum Weddell
barcode-00052963G. Mandon   7971860-04-00
Bolivia, La Paz, Larecaja, Vicinity of Sorata, apacheta de Chuchu, 3800-5000 m.

Malvastrum congestiflorum I. M. Johnston
barcode-00058149F. E. Hinkley & Mrs. F. E. Hinkley   371920-03-00
Peru, Arequipa, Southern slopes of Chachani Mountain, north of Arequipa, 2745 m.

Malvastrum richii A. Gray
barcode-00052682Wilkes Expedition   1838-00-00
Peru, Banos

Malvastrum purdiei A. Gray
barcode-00052976W. Purdie   
Colombia, Summit of Paramo Colorado

Malvastrum arequipense I. M. Johnston
barcode-00058163F. E. Hinkley & Mrs. F. E. Hinkley   43 a1920-03-00
Peru, Arequipa, Southern slopes of Chachani Mountain, north of Arequipa, 2100 m.

Malvastrum guaranticum Hassler
barcode-00052942E. Hassler   112271912-05-00
Brazil, Mato Grosso, Dpt. Bella Vista, near Limeira

barcode-00052941A. Krapovickas, L. A. Mrojinski & A. Fernandez   193001971-05-26
Bolivia, Tarija, Ysyry, 40 km. west of Villa Montes on road to Tarija, 500 m.

barcode-00052956P. K. H. Dusén   70841908-10-29
Brazil, Paraná, Serrado Mar, Ypiranga, along railway

Malvastrum tuberculatum A. W. Hill
barcode-00052978P. Jurgensen   13461916-03-30
Argentina, Catamarca, Andalgala

Malvastrum jorgensenii I. M. Johnston
barcode-00261703Peter (Pedro) Jörgensen   13891915-09-05
Argentina, Tucumán, Suncho.

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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