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Taxa: Isoetes
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Harvard University Herbaria

Isoetes smithii Fuchs
barcode-00219293Lyman B. Smith, R. Reitz & R. M. Klein   77131956-11-17
Brazil, Santa Catarina, Fazenda Campo dos Padres, Campo dos Padres, 1650m

Isoetes lechleri colombiana T. C. Palmer
barcode-00021432E. P. Killip & A. C. Smith   179641927-01-21
Colombia, Santander, Laguna de Cunta, edge of Páramo de Santurbán, alt. 3880 m

Isoetes ticlioensis H. P. Fuchs
barcode-00021455R. J. Hickey & W. H. Eshbaugh   8421980-04-02
Peru, Junín, 2-3 km. east of Ticlio Pass, 4810 m.

Isoetes fuliginosa R. L. Small & Hickey
barcode-00067385J. Cuatrecasas   191171944-00-00
Colombia, Cauca, Cordillera Central, veriente occidental. Cabeceras del río Palo, altos páramos entre Quebrada de San Paulino y Quebrada del López: Lagunilla de Las Casitas, 3700m. alt.

barcode-00021427R. J. Hickey & W. H. Eshbaugh   8231980-03-27
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Ayopaya, 24 miles in from main road at Quilla-colla, right at fork at 22.6 miles, 4420 m, 4420m

Isoetes amazonica A. Braun ex Baker
barcode-00021415R. Spruce   1850-09-00
Brazil, Pará, In vicinibus Santarem

Isoetes tryoniana L. D. Goméz L. D. Goméz
barcode-00021456L. D. Gómez P.   PtC-1032 (18234)1963-01-00
Costa Rica, Major Lake, Chirripó Grande Massiv, Talamanca, 3800 m

Isoetes pacifica Svenson
barcode-00013246H. K. Svenson   110021941-03-22
Ecuador, Guayas, South of Engabao, Chanduy Hills, 2° 18' S, 80° 43' W, -2.3 -80.716666

Isoetes panamensis Maxon & C.V. Morton
barcode-00021446R. E. Woodson, Jr., P. H. Allen & R. J. Seibert   16851938-08-07
Panama, Panama, Vicinity of Bejuco

Isoetes roncadorensis H. P. Fuchs
barcode-00021448G. Eiten & L. T. Eiten   90871968-10-04
Brazil, Mato Grosso, Serra do Roncador. Município de Barra do Garcas: 210 km along new road north-northeast of village of Xavantina.

barcode-00021426R. J. Hickey & W. H. Eshbaugh   8231980-03-27
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Ayopaya, 24 miles in from main road at Quilla-colla, right at fork at 22.6 miles, 4420 m, 4420m

Isoetes martii A. Brown ex Kuhn
barcode-00021433A. F. Regnell   III 15061864-12-18
Brazil, Minas Gerais, Caldas

Isoetes cubana Engelmann ex Baker
barcode-00021417C. Wright   39121865-00-00

Isoetes storkii T. C. Palmer
barcode-00021453H. E. Stork   23611938-06-05
Costa Rica, Alajuela, Poas Lake, Volcan Poas, alt. 8500 feet, 2590m

Isoetes killipii C. V. Morton
barcode-00021431E. P. Killip & F. C. Lehmann Valencia   385361944-05-26
Colombia, Cauca, Valley of Río Cocuy, western slopes of Páramo de Puracé, Central Cordillera, alt. 3200-3400 m

Isoetes pedersenii H. P. Fuchs
barcode-00021447T. M. Pedersen   81051967-03-18
Argentina, Corrientes, Provincia de, Mburucuya, Estancia "Santa Maria"

Isoetes chilensis A. Fuchs
barcode-00021416J. Diem   11051947-11-01
Argentina, Río Negro, Lago Frias, Rio Negro

Isoetes clavata U. Weber
barcode-00421763B. Maguire & D. B. Fanshawe   235691944-05-23
Guyana, vicinity Mazaruni Forest Station

Page 1, records 1-18 of 18

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