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Search Criteria: Jamaica; Westmoreland; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Harvard University Herbaria

Pityrogramma williamsii Proctor Proctor
barcode-00096226G. R. Proctor   214691960-10-23
Jamaica, Westmoreland, Copse Mountain woods, ca. 1 mile southwest of Rat Trap, moist, partly-shaded banks, 1200-1300 feet, 396m

Chionanthus proctorii Stearn Stearn
barcode-00073707G. R. Proctor   2222061961-04-24
Jamaica, Westmoreland, Clarks Wood District, southeast of Woodstock, wooded limestone hillside, 1200-1400 feet

barcode-00243549G. R. Proctor   277021966-11-26
Jamaica, Westmoreland, [Redacted], 15 - 30m

Elleanthus longibracteatus (Lindl. ex Griseb.) Fawc.
barcode-00243604G. R. Proctor   337731974-04-23
Jamaica, Westmoreland, 0.5 miles due southwest of Darliston, 1400 ft, 426m

barcode-00253234G. R. Proctor   215201960-10-24
Jamaica, Westmoreland, [Redacted], 365 - 426m

barcode-00264644G. R. Proctor & W. Mullings   220401961-02-08
Jamaica, Westmoreland, Along road between Auchidown & Orange Grove; 250-500 ft alt., 76 - 152m

Eulophia alta Fawc. & Rendle
barcode-00264709G. R. Proctor   214961960-10-23
Jamaica, Westmoreland, Kew Park Estate; 1000-1200 ft. alt., 304 - 365m

barcode-00287468F. W. Hunnewell   20.1701956-02-23
Jamaica, Westmoreland, near White House

Ternstroemia rostrata Krug & Urban Krug & Urban
barcode-00273658G. R. Proctor   371311977-07-18
Jamaica, Westmoreland, Inland from milepost 23, road between Negril & Green Island

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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