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Harvard University Herbaria

Astragalus chubutensis Spegazzini
barcode-00059453N. Illin   1899-00-00
Argentina, Chubut, Rio Chubet near Lago Musters, [campo alto cerca del primer manantial]

Lupinus verticillatus C. P. Smith
barcode-00065355E. S. Riggs   561923-11-26
Argentina, Chubut, Pampette south of Lago colue Huapi, arid rocky lands

Astragalus tehuelches Spegazzini
barcode-00059488C. Ameghino   1900-12-00
Argentina, Chubut, Rio Chico

Smittium esteparum Ferrington, Lichtwardt & López-Lastra
barcode-00284439L. C. Ferrington, R. W. Lichtwardt & C. C. López-Lastra   ARG-D-281996-11-06
Argentina, Chubut, Arroyo Rodeo, crossing Highway 258/40, about 39 km N of Esquel (Site 10), -42.81333333 -71.11666667

barcode-00306628Phoebe Jordan   1932-00-00
Argentina, Chubut, Puerto Madryn, Chubut Terr

Mulguraea tridens (Lagasca) N. O'Leary & P. Peralta
barcode-01154418R. N. P. Goodall   45491973-01-16
Argentina, Chubut, Road between Sarmiento and Bosque Petrificado (Petrified Forest)

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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