Dataset: MO
Taxa: Franseria
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Missouri Botanical Garden

3281848M. Rios et al   
Ecuador, Pichincha, CarreteraQuito-Puerto Quito, 10 km al N dfe la carretera principal, km 113. Reserva Forestal ENDESA. Bosque primario y alrededores de la reserva., 0.08 -79.03, 650 - 700m

1410167James & Andrea Solomon   42201978-12-24
Chile, Valparaiso, Quillota, Parque Nacional La Campana. Ca. 6 km above Olmué., -33 -71.13, 500m

3281869H. Roivainen   3023
Chile, de Cautin, Puierto Saavedra, en arena fina Liroal, y copiosa-mente

574459James C. Solomon   27861977-05-08
Peru, Arequipa, Chilinas, hills on southwest side of Rio Chili, ca. 4 km N of Arequipa. Dry shady hills with scattered shrubs and cacti., 2500m

1435878R. S. Williams   14641902-08-25
Bolivia, Santa Cruz, 1524m

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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