Dataset: MO
Taxa: Floscaldasia
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Missouri Botanical Garden

574103Cazalet & Pennington   1961-12-12
Ecuador, Imbabura, 4115m

1269472B.   1976-08-21
Ecuador, Napo, Lake at origin of R, -0.52 -78.18, 3900 - 4100m

1410794P. Sklenar & V. Sklenarova   1997-07-31
Ecuador, Chimborazo, Chimborazo/Morona Santiago. Cerros Yuibug - Pailacajas (4730 m a.s.l.), rocky slopes on the east side of the mountain ridge, very humid upper superp, -1.75 -78.45, 4400m

1740934Sklenar, P. & V. Kosteckova   1995-08-30
Ecuador, Pichincha, W side of a mountain ridge ca. 2 km to the W from Cerro SaraUrcu, humid superp, -0.1 -77.95, 4350 - 4400m

1246429H.G. Barclay   63411958-12-11
Colombia, Caldas, Station 5. Draw with first strean below snow. Stream flows under road, comes out by rock outcrop., 4400m

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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