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Taxa: Chaetanthera
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Missouri Botanical Garden

1412274James & Andrea Solomon   44011979-01-19
Chile, Biobio, Concepcion, 4.4 km E of the junction of the road from San Rafael to Coelemu on the road to San Ignacio. The junction about 8 km from San Rafael., -36.58 -72.75, 480m

Chaetanthera taltalensis (Cabrera) A.M.R. Davies
1826243Werdermann   815
Chile, Antofagasta, Taltal., 200m

1826281Ruiz & Pavon   28

1826328Bertero   164
Chile, In saxosis aridis montis la Leona Rancagua Chili.

Chaetanthera linearis Poepp. ex Less.
1826374Poeppig   57
Chile, In collibus graminos. ad Taicahuano.

Chaetanthera incana Poepp. ex Less.
1826464Poeppig   286
Chile, In montib. arenos. marit. prope Concon.

1826914Bertero   162
Chile, Cachapual Rancagua, et Quillota.

Chaetanthera Ruiz & Pav.
2477900Toledo, J. M.   4801990-12-28
Chile, Valparaiso, Laguna La Parva

2477922Arroyo, M. T. K. & et al   20126
Chile, Maule, Reserva Natural Bellotos del Melado, -35.85 -71.1

Chaetanthera limbata (D. Don) Less.
2477938Bonifacino, M., Romano & V.   8222003-01-19
Chile, Coquimbo, Elqui, Llanos de Huanta, -29.8 -70.33

Chaetanthera minuta (Phil.) Cabrera
2477963Arroyo, M. T. K. & et al   94033
Chile, Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Volcán Llillaillaco, 4000m

2477982Arroyo, M. T. K. & et al   94003
Chile, Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Volcán Llulliallaco, 4350m

Chaetanthera tenella var. tenella
2477994Arroyo, M. T. K. & et al   994903
Chile, Maule, Reserva Natural Bellotos del Melado, -35.85 -71.1, 800 - 1500m

Chaetanthera kalinae A.M.R. Davies
2766133C. Ehrhart   612002-11-27
Chile, Coquimbo, Elqui, Strabe von Vicuña zum Embalse La Laguna., 2340m

573817C.M. Taylor   107631991-10-06
Chile, Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Caleta Bandurrias, on a point near the ocean ca. half way between Taltal and Paposo, just N of Quebrada Bandurrias. Arid open land., -25.17 -70.5

574040C.M. Taylor, C. von Bohlen & A. Marticorena   107071991-10-05
Chile, Antofagasta, Antofagasta, In the hills above Paposo, along the road to Mina Julia., 300 - 650m

593127C.M. Taylor & R.E. Gereau   109831993-01-21
Chile, Maule, Linares, East and a little south of Linares along the Río Ancoa, along the road to Melado and Medina 38.2 km upstream from the intersection with the road to Peñasco. Matorral and open woodlands dominated by Nothofagus and Lithraea., 750 - 900m

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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