Dataset: MO
Taxa: Campanulaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Missouri Botanical Garden

551493James C. Solomon   28171977-05-10
Peru, Arequipa, Yura. Hills to the east., 2700m

560962Percy Núñez y Lina Vargas   72321987-02-22
Peru, Apurimac, Abancay, Ampay. Tamburco, al N. de Abancay, Bosque con Podocarpus. Lagunas de origen glaciar, puna, tundra, páramo y estepas alto andinas, monte espinoso subtropical., -13.5 -75.87, 3800 - 5235m

563404D. N. Smith   61911984-02-24
Peru, Cajamarca, Celendin, Balsas-Celendin road, 16-23 km from Balsas. Dry brushfields in area of permanent agriculture. Río Marañón valley., -6.83 -78.8, 1800 - 2100m

Lobelia lithophila Senterre & Cast.-Campos
3580561J. Homeier, M.A. Chinchero, E. Jaramillo & D. Simba   2008-03-19
Ecuador, Napo, Parque Nacional Sumaco-Galeras, southern slope of Sumaco volcano, wet lower montane forest, -0.58 -77.58

2477137Bertero, C. L. G.   12473
Chile, Valparaiso, Isla Masatierra: in fruticetis apricis collium

1492574Pentland   s.n.

1492575Hill   585
Bolivia, La Paz, Sorata Mt.

557017Marko Lewis   408791991-12-10
Bolivia, La Paz, Inquisivi, Serrania de Lulini - - 2 km NW of Cerro Lulini Summit on the north facing side of the ridge. 13 km N. of Choquetanga. High, virgin cloud forests, quite diverse with Brunnelia, Clusia, Vallea, Podocarpus, Clethra, Weinmannia and Hesperomeles all common mix, -16.73 -67.33, 3500m

557039Marko Lewis   409151991-12-12
Bolivia, La Paz, Inquisivi, Cabacera de Río Ocsalla - - The very ultimate source of the Río Ocsalla, on the other side of the divide is Quebrada Bella Vista, and the northern most branch of the Río Chimu 10 km NNE of Choquetanga. Grasslands at the base of cliffs and on a few slopes, -16.77 -67.27, 3800m

Marianthemum Schrank
556853James V. LaFrankie   85-461985-10-24
Panama, Bocas del Toro, Vicinity of Fortuna Dam, from Continental Divide to Chiriquí Grande., 900m

1597344Y. Roca, P. Agreda, B. Taborga & V. Pessoa   1348
Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Chiquitos, Progresiva del Entre San Juan y el Campamento Don Mario. DDV 175+000. Bosque Chiquitano alto, suelo franco arenosos. Especies abundantes Cedro, Curupau, tajibo morado., -17.35 -59.64, 207m

1597489Y. Roca, P. Agreda, B. Taborga & V. Pessoa   14002001-12-04
Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Chiquitos, Progresiva del Entre San Juan y el Campamento Don Mario. DDV 176+050. Sotobosque chiquitano con arboles de mas o menos 15 metros de alto, suelo arenoso arcilloso. Especies abundantes soto, peroto, callophyllum., -17.37 -59.66, 406m

1741322Lehmann   4743
Colombia, Antioquia, Cañasgordas, Westliche Abhange der West-anden, 1600 - 2200m

Page 47, records 4601-4613 of 4613

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