Honda played it up sagaciously by giving the WR-V a sunroof, which had no little influence on the hybrid's prosperity. It has turned into Honda's second hit in India, as a matter of fact. The all-around fruitful Hyundai Creta in its facelifted symbol additionally gets a sunroof. Indeed, even Jeep optimized an update to the Compass by giving us the Compass Limited Plus, which gets an all-encompassing sunroof simply a year after the SUV was sent off, while Ford likewise presented the EcoSport Signature and EcoSport S. Did likewise.

With such countless vehicles offering this element, you, the purchaser, have a great deal to be content about. Notwithstanding, a sunroof is a component that has many advantages when utilized appropriately and intense risks whenever utilized inappropriately. Here is a speedy rundown of dos and don'ts. Get guidance on many topics on TechKorr.

Worth doing

Use it to ventilate the lodge

The essential benefit of having a sunroof is that it allows in more normal light than a customary glass region. Sunroofs generally accompany sunblinds and have a color to hold the lodge back from getting excessively hot. They permit more normal light into the lodge and cause the lodge to feel bigger. A few clients additionally say that it gives a tasteful vibe to the lodge.

Heat dispersal

In any event, leaving your vehicle for thirty minutes in the heat and humidity of India is to the point of transforming the lodge into a broiler. Rather than beginning the vehicle and impacting the climate control system at max cool, have a go at leaving the sunroof open for some time. Warm air is lighter than cold air and rises quicker. Thusly, opening the sunroof will permit hot air out of the lodge quicker. Vehicles with the Global Up/Down work let you open the windows from a distance with your key and on the off chance that the vehicle has a sunroof, it will likewise open, saving you the issue of venturing into the steaming lodge. You can likewise do this by adhering to the slant capacity of the sunroof where it doesn't open totally yet permits air to circulate. Do you know difference between sunroof and moonroof?

Partake in a voyage

At low to direct rates, opening the sunroof can give you something near the experience of a convertible vehicle without the cost related to one. An evening-time journey with a sunroof makes the drive more charming. In the right climate, you can partake in the cool wind without the whirlwind that comes from opening the windows. You can likewise leave your vehicle, lie on the backrest and partake in the night sky from the solace of your vehicle.

Use it to do right by the vehicle

The sunroof gives a marginally tasteful shift focus over to the vehicle. The dark shaded glass on the top of the vehicle adds a pleasant touch to the by and large styling. It likewise gives the impression to numerous that your vehicle has a component from a fragment above, as sunroofs are frequently connected with extravagance vehicles.

So while the sunroof is in no way, shape, or form a fundamental component, it has a few purposes and allure of its own. Be that as it may, there is additionally some exceptionally normal abuse of this element.


Look through the sunroof

In the event that your vehicle is driving even at a sluggish speed, you ought to sit on the seat and lean back. This is a straightforward rule not to be haggled with. However, extremely frequently, you'll observe grown-ups taking their hands off the sunroof or, more regrettable, remaining through the sunroof. In some cases, we even see youngsters doing this and guardians ought to deter this way of behaving, regardless of how disturbed the kid is.


Many individuals attempt to retrofit a sunroof through post-retail providers. At CarDekho, we rigorously suggest staying away from it. Whenever carmakers add a sunroof, they completely test it and the element in the design behind the body's construction. A vehicle's rooftop is a necessary piece of its underlying inflexibility and there is generally the gamble of giving and taking the reseller's exchange fitment. Furthermore, this kind of sunroof can likewise have spillage (devoted waste openings in production line prepared sunroofs) and electrical issues.

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