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About ecdysis

Welcome to ecdysis, a portal for live-managing arthropod collections data. ecdysis is designed to serve the arthropod collections community as a robust and efficient environment for collections digitization and data management.

Hosted by the Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center at Arizona State University, please contact Andrew Johnston ( with any questions or to have a collection profile established.

Decentralized Portal Networks

This portal is designed to work as one node within the online Biodiversity Knowledge Graph. Not intended to be a single portal to integrate all biodiversity data, ecdysis is built to interact with and share biodiversity data between other such portals. This concept is outlined in the figure below, and more information about decentralized biodiversity data portals can be found here.

Built on the Symbiota software platform (available here on GitHub, ecdysis complements larger aggregators such as the Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network portal (SCAN,, providing active research collections a more streamlined option to manage data on-line. We offer both data-linkage and publishing to collection profiles on SCAN and GBIF.